Sunday, January 07, 2007

Out-Of-Office Assistant: On Vacation


We are way past the suburbs, y'all.

On the plus side, it's only an hour to a town with a Starbucks, and at least it's not dry; I'm on the Gulf Coast, so there's lots of water. And also: fire ants.

I haven't met those yet, though.

So far I have spent a full day riding around in a big pickup with the LT and my hosts, the country music on high. I have been in stores that sold religious artifacts, lots of them. I have drank at a refined honky-tonk. I have been in restaurants in which you can smoke at the table. I have met parrots, seen pelicans and herons, driven by several oil refineries, and been on a boardwalk on the Gulf. I have eaten at Landry's. I have been to Galvaston and walked on The Strand.

I have been to church, wearing a skirt AND pantyhose.

I can only imagine what wonders tomorrow holds.


Anonymous said...

When speaking of wonderous sights are you referring to those indiginant to Texas or of you wearing panty hose and a skirt in any venue?

You have already seen most of what's good in Texas! Except the Brownsville area is quite nice and Austin is very pretty and San Antonio has the boardwalk and The Alamo and......Oh yes- the people in Texas are probably the very best thing about it!

Your mom says "Enjoy yourselves"- say hi to LT.


Aarwenn said...

It's obvious now that I didn't inherit my speelliiiing skilz from my dad! Thanks, mom.