Monday, May 07, 2007

Got An Interesting Email

My close friend Not-Aarwenn (she has the same name as I do in real life!) sent me an email just the other day:

Hi Aarwenn,

I was reading your blog, in which you raved about some stationary, which was linked to this other blog and then just a one more link later, I find a blog that has a great recipe for gluten-free cupcakes! What a day! :)


All I can say is, my life has not been in vain.

*And while you are reading this--you're on the internet anyway--please click here. There's several sites on the web that have a Click To Give Campaign, in which all you do is click, and the sponsors of the program give a little bit for each click. (It's legitimate--featured on and all that.) There's six sites, making twelve clicks in all (you have to click on the site, THEN click on the "Click here!" button) and it will make such a difference! All you have to do is click!

*Because you know (and all my co-nerds, I'm talking to you) that you'll spend easily that many clicks on ThinkGeek today alone.

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