Friday, May 04, 2007

A Tale of Three Butts

Dog Butt
LT Butt
More LT Butt, because this is MY blog!
My Butt

It looks like the sun is finally out here in Seattle, for at least a short time, and I am working from home, which gives me the chance to get a few things done around the house...and by "a few things" I mean "maybe put away stuff that's been sitting out since I moved three months ago."

Surely a trip to Target is in order?

You just want to go buy more stuff for the house, when CLEARLY I need more toys instead!

1 comment:

C.Oz said...

Target is the best store ever.

And yay for butts! Heh. Pics of you two running around with Titan make me wish I had a dog... But then I remember that I have my hands full with other furry friends who probably would not appreciate a canine buddy. ;)