Thursday, June 09, 2005

Notes to Self

A piece of sushi rolled under your car seat yesterday after it jumped out of your hands while you were driving like a maniac because you were late to an appointment, which you were too late to make and the receptionist yelled at you, AND trying to eat (remember how you cursed and screamed, because you love that sushi roll?) and it's still there. Pick it up before it spawns a whole colony of Snakeheads, or something, and you're eaten alive in 15 seconds flat.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program!

Titan is sick. Sick-to-his-stomach sick. (Let me tell you what a pleasant sight THAT is to come home to after a long day, see above.) And, worse, he's drooping around all mopey and uncoordinated--I'm worried! Or, I would be, if I wasn't under such bone-crushing, brain-liquifying stress at the office that I can't think about anything else except coffee and the cheap (3.50) bottle of wine waiting for me at home. I called the vet's office and they recommended I take him in, and he's due for his shots anyway. This happened once before, a year ago, and I put him on a starvation diet for 24 hours and started him on bland food, which he enjoyed--it's people food!--and then he was fine. I'm hoping the same thing will happen here--but at the same time, he's seven now, and he's a German Shepherd--he's not a long-lived dog. My last dog went from fine to cancerous and having to be put down inside two weeks--very sudden--so I'm worried about that possibility. But odds are that he's fine, and I'll get to walk him and love him when I come home tonight. Sigh. What a cutie.

And The World Against Me is right: EVERYONE who powers blogger needs this shirt. I already have it. Boo-yah. (However, I also agree with TWAM that everything on this site is cool and worth buying, especially ALL of the CUBE GOODIES! I would have the best-decorated cube in town!

And speaking of that, who wants to build their own office cube? The Cubes are awesome!

And one more note to self: it would figure that the one day you decide not to stop for coffee on your way to the office in a burst of self-righteousness and responsibility, figuring that you might as well wait for the free coffee at the office than get a cup of coffee for 1.75 at Starbucks, even though the drive is 45 minutes and it would sure help to get those brain waves going...and because you want to be at the office early...

...well, that would be the one day when there's an accident on the freeway and it takes you ONE AND A HALF FREAKIN' HOURS to go 25 miles. AND you've forgotten the lunch you carefully packed for yourself, which includes half a sandwich, two string cheeses, a salad, and JUNIOR MINTS, which you were looking forward to, and so of COURSE you're forced to get off the parking lot (freeway) and pull into a McDonald's drive thru because you're so weak from hunger you can barely drive, and what's a girl to do?

On the plus side, I successfully avoided sugary coffee. And two days ago I bought lovely knickers, as Belle Du Jour would say. (Google her--I'm at work!)


Kelly said...

So funny about the sushi! Everytime I go out drinking I end up finding the most random things in the seats, under the seats and on the floor of my car...nothing perishable thus far however. :-D

Oh, and I hope your pooch gets better.

Leah said...

I think you are the only person I have ever heard of taking on the challenge of driving and eating sushi, do you do this often? You must take pictures, well have someone else take pictures. I think I still have some McD's fries between my seat, but I don't think those EVER go bad to the point they mold, it isn't my fault I cannot reach them.. I need a child with small hands.

I hope Titan is OK after all and it is just a flu or something super treatable.

I saw those Cube things at Urban Outfitters - I wanted to get them but than I realized I have too much crap to begin with.

Aarwenn said...

Literally, the sushi jumped out of my hands. It wasn't my fault. (Really, Officer, I swear!)

Maybe it didn't want to be eaten, or maybe it refused to be eaten with fingers when it deserves chopsticks AND wasabi AND soy sauce. McD's fries will join Twinkies and cockroaches after nuclear winter as the rulers of the planet. Anyway, sushi is nothing--it's much harder to smoke, talk on the phone, AND drink coffee, AND drive a stick shift, all at the same time. :)

Shananigans said...

I hope Titan is better soon! I know the worry and disgusting clean up duty of doggy sickness all too well.

My commute is only 11 miles but commonly takes 45 to an hour even when there is no accident or anything out of the ordinary. But doesn't it always figure that the commute is always at its worst when you are in the biggest hurry? I don’t eat much in my car because it slows my ability to react ands gesture to other drivers. But coffee is always a must, don’t think for a second it’s a good idea to pass it up in the interest of getting to the office sooner. The office will still be there, I promise ;)

The World Against Me said...

OMG.. Aarwenn is my new heroine! She mentioned me on her blog! Haha and the Cubes are sooo awesome =)

She told the works right out of my mouth. While working as a delivery person for Cingular, we would have to drive 500 plus miles a day, And during which, you are juggling two phones, eating, smoking, shifting and doing paper work, while going 80 plus on the freeway. Ever try eating Nachos or Tacos while doing all of that? Not fun.

Aarwenn said...

Actually, Shananigans, I thought of you and Pepto-Bismol. :) And this is probably the best advice of all time:
"But coffee is always a must, don’t think for a second it’s a good idea to pass it up in the interest of getting to the office sooner. The office will still be there, I promise ;) "

Amen, Sister.

ramblin' girl said...

Yes, coffee first, office can wait!!!

Anyway, hope Titan feels better, soon!

SCarrGo said...

I hope you have learned your lesson about leaving home without coffee...(insert finger wagging here)

Sushi in the are a maverick.

Aarwenn said...

Really, y'all, I had no idea eating sushi with my fingers in the car would garner me this much attention--I do it all the time!

leah, you said it--I need a child with small hands. The sushi is STILL THERE. And, thanks to everyone for their well thought out advice. From now on, my new motto will be:


Sherri said...

OMIGOD!!! I totally want the cube thingy......

Sherri said...
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Aarwenn said...

Aren't they FAB?