Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A Cure for Sundays. And Impotence.

(scroll all the way down for the second cure if you just can't wait.)

(I didn't think you could.)

So, first, the best cure for Sundays ever!

Sunday Night Dinner!

Girls and Wine.

More Girls. Yes, that's me on the far right. And that's Tacompton Tiffany in the middle!

Resident Jailbait.

Resident Mountain Man, and T-Town's Man. (Yes, T-Town is coming out of the closet.)

Resident Blonde.

Resident Hoodlum. Also, The Chef. (If he and Tacompton Tiffany hadn't already built this incredible life together, I would recommend that all girls in the area immediately find this man and throw themselves at him. A man who cooks the way he does cannot be underestimated.)

Cheesy and gorgeous Tacompton Tiffany. (I would kill for her skin.)

T-Town Girl! Out of the closet and onto the Internets!

T-Town and Myself.

Did you catch that? What it says on my shirt? Here it is again:

And FINALLY (and I knew you were waiting for it) it's the Cure For Impotence:


Shananigans said...

Bountiful pleather and fishnets, that should outdo any amount of Viagra. I find girls and wine is a good combo no matter what you’re trying to “cure”.

Leah said...

I love your pictures!

Hi three hot ladiesss <3

Aarwenn said...

Thank you!

Although I'd like to state for the record that I don't know either of the other two girls. No idea who they are. Welcome to my mind state on Halloween.

Anonymous said...

Nice photos. :-D

GlitterGlamGirl05 said...

I love the pics! Thanks so much for sharing them w/ the blogging world!

Tacompton-Ass-Tiffany said...

Excellent narrative. I'll have to show the hoodlum, he'll be pleased.

Aarwenn said...

Sweet. Maybe if we please him enough, he'll cook for us again?

kiwi said...

Gawwwd Dayammmmnn.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

*grins* I just realized, you still need to post pictures of you wearing those boots you mentioned earlier.

The World Against Me said...

BOOB shot! (Sorry, couldn't resist)

Haha.. Love the pictures =)

Yeah.. where are the sexy boots picture?

Aarwenn said...

There ARE pictures of me wearing them Several posts down, in the post called, "Smooth..."

Sherri said...

Nice to finally see you! You costumes were great! :)

The World Against Me said...

Those don't count.. you need full body shots...

Aarwenn said...

TWAM: it's true. I'm working on it. I know more pictures were taken, somewhere, but surprisingly everyone's memory from the entire Halloween weekend is awfully...fuzzy.