Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thanks for Reading! Here are Some Pictures.

My good friend Bri, from whom I have learned many things, most importantly the existence of,, threw herself a pub crawl on Friday night, and it is a mark of Bri's reputation in the community that easily 35 people showed up to her pub crawl, as in, way more people than I actually communicate with on a daily basis, including instant messenger friends, unless Titan counts for 25 people all by himself.

Anyway, Bri posted a narrative on Facebook, and I would feel completely remiss if I didn't copy the relevant parts (read: the parts involving ME) here.

Bri says: This is Aarwenn showing off her powers of seduction as she has 3 guys entrapped in what she's saying. +3points Aarwenn. Aarwenn says: If you'll look closely, I think they're reacting to a spider that is crawling on my neck, or something similar. Their expressions do NOT imply easy listening!

Bri says: This is us, cleverly searching the map I put together of all the bars. Suprisingly, a lot of people printed out the map... and proceeded to openly tease me for its toolishness. Yet, let me point out that not a SINGLE drunk person got lost! Aarwenn says: It's true. Check out

Bri says: Bri and Aarwenn, meet bob. Low and behold Bob actually works at the same building as Bri. He also had a STRONG desire to make it through the pub crawl. His victory was 7/17, while the rest of the group averaged 5. Well done, Bob! Aarwenn says: For real, I was done at 4.

Bri says: What could bring so many people together? You guessed it, alcohol and lots of it! Perhaps we shall have to make it a tradition... Aarwenn says: Please do!

Bri says: Here's where our drunk fingers take over and we start getting a little CRAZY...or it's just the point in the night where we got a little camera happy :-P Aarwenn says: ...too true.

Bri says: Meet Jeff! he's the man responsible for all of these pictures!

Bri says: This is roughly the time of night that I realized that I need to spend the next year courting Aarwenn. Not only does she LOVE dogs and preach animal rights, she manages to walk sexy in flats. How HOT is that? Aarwenn says: Also, my nose alone could inspire a legion of evildoers. LOOK at the thing. I had no idea that it was crooked like that...until right now. It makes me happy that I have attracted your much-fought-for attention! Court me! LT won't mind...right, honey?

Bri says: Who's "that guy"? It's my bf! Well done Joey! Aarwenn says: He was going to be in that picture no matter what. He was DETERMINED.

Bri says: He has a man purse! Gotta love Seattle! Aarwenn says: Indeed. I personally know three men who carry man purses.

We both say: Thanks, Greenlake! Let's do it again! Call me, okay?


Shananigans said...

Looks like a great time, also you look really good in all those pictures. How come in all the pictures of me at bars I have half closed blood-shot eyes and shiny skin?

By the way, re: your V-day post, amen sister. "Feminism is the radical notion that women are people."

l-t said...

LT says: HELL YES!