Monday, April 23, 2007

Been Working

(I know, shocking, right?)

And in honor of this amazing event, a list of funny things said by my coworkers!

Me, talking to my BIG boss: "I'm so sad that your office is right by mine--no sneaking in in jeans anymore!"
My Big Boss: "Oh, you always look fine anyway! Look at you today, your shoes match your sweater!"
Me, laughing it off: "I'm single, Boss..."
My boss: "So, what, you're trolling now?"

Me, to my immediate boss: "I'm so impressed. I wouldn't have had the chutzpah."
My immediate boss: "Yeah, I have a spine and a big mouth."
Me: "That's why you're the manager!"

My business manager, talking about why he has no money, "Yeah, I need to stop chasing beavers."

(I blinked several times at that one, even though I knew that he was talking about hunting beavers on remote land he owns in Missouri.

Probably not funny to anyone else, but when you spend your days chasing down lasers, anything is pretty damn funny!

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