Sunday, April 22, 2007

I Suppose it Was Inevitable...

...One of the girls I tutor is reading my BLOG.

This would be a really awful idea, was I not already editing myself because my PARENTS are reading my blog. (Hi, guys! Great seeing you on Saturday!)

(Before my readers get on me about free speech, I've gotten to a time in my life when really, it's a good thing that I'm editing myself a little, I think. Because after 25 or so, a bunch of posts that read, "OMG I GOT SOOOOOOOWASYTED LAST NITE" are even less charming than they are at 19, no?)

It's a Sunday night, and I am still (again) fighting with my iPod and my hard drive; not that they are misbehaving, but rather that they are not doing what I want them to do, but instead simply what I am TELLING them to do. (Update much later: I FIXED IT!)

I'm having one of those moments where I had a brilliant idea on the way home in the car, didn't write it down or record it in any fashion, and am now cursing that fact. Oh, well. I start this week with new tunes, really good leftovers, and tahini. What could be better?

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