Thursday, April 05, 2007

How to Completely Ignore Your Boyfriend's Advice

Hi, honey!

One of my brand new loves is the magazine Blueprint, which is (gasp) yes, a Martha Stewart magazine, but you know, I'm kind of beginning to LOVE Martha Stewart, and yes, I'm booking my therapy appointment now. (And by "therapy" I mean "day at the spa".) (I think actually cheaper.)

Blueprint is Seriously Awesome, I've subscribed already, and I've only seen one issue. They profess their goal to be helping YOU design your life, and if there's a more noble goal, I don't know what it is. Because I have big dreams of big design, readers, and I need A LOT of help, and I can't afford an interior decorator. Therefore: Blueprint.

And Blueprint has a blog (who doesn't?) and on their blog recently, they had this: the best-sounding laundry detergent ever. LT will shoot me, because you could buy about 400 loads of Tide for the same price, but I really, really want to try it, and not only that, I'm getting drawn into the REST of their website--with the stain remover, the crease releaser, and the two different detergents for white and darks, which I barely ever separate out anyway.

Totally pointless. But OMG I want.

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C.Oz said...

I like how you profess how "cool" I am on your sidebar. ;) Because I am obviously that cool. (Not so much.) But yay! Thank you!