Monday, April 16, 2007

Toothbrush has returned!

We now return to our regularly scheduled blogging.

It is much like a normal Monday today, only more so. I have fines at the library, there has been a horrible shooting at the VaTech campus, I haven't lost a pound of the five ten I was trying to lose, and it's gray outside, and what's more, I have had a very unproductive day, the kind of day in which I fear that if anyone has installed a secret camera in my cubicle, my walking papers will arrive on my desk tomorrow.

HOWEVER. I have gone to the grocery store, and I am excited about it, and I plan to hit the gym tonight, and I am excited about that. (Totally not, but trying to be anyway.) I do still have a job, and I get to see my friend Beau tonight, and we shall cook and talk about plays, and yes, I have a bunch of posts rattling around in my head. For a future day.

And besides, my day could be so much worse. It could be this day. (That's me, sprawled out on a bunch of rocks. Not recommended.)

Totally unrelated side note: LT and I went skiing on Saturday, for the very last day in many months, if not until next seasons, because...the season is OVER! I'm sad, but happy we got a great last day in, and my new skis are amazing, thank you to all who asked about them. I finished the season in one piece! How can I be having a bad day after that?

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C.Oz said...

And now that ski season is over, you can hang out with me! ;)

My day has been just about as productive as yours, except I have a teething baby in the background.. which is driving me insane.

Have fun at the gym!