Sunday, September 17, 2006

Blogging the Relationship (11), or, Sunday Evening Contentment

I am drinking a glass of wine and eating an enormous quantity of food. New Orleans zydeco-type jazz plays at a low but rollicking volume on NPR.

My boyfriend, who has already eaten at a brewery with a recently-moved-to-town fraternity brother, sits kitty corner from me at my white breakfast table. He occasionally turns his nose up at my vegan spread, but also occasionally accepts a rice crisp, once with vegan herb "cheese" on it. I have eaten an entire "cheese" ball, half a tub of hummus, half a large package of rice crisps, and polished off an entire package of vegan ramen. I am full. And inordinately happy about it.

Titan snoozes beneath the table. LT is reading "In The Company of Soliders", and I am typing this blog post. He occasionally reads passages out loud. I am fascinated, especially when he reads, "...and the General returned home April 14th. Huh. I returned home April 15th. That's an interesting confluence of events."

I cannot believe that my boyfriend, who sits across from me now in a Keystone Ski Resort t-shirt and flipflops, is reading an account about the war that he just experienced. I cannot believe he was IN a war. I can't believe that he jumped out of bed early this morning so he could put the hard-top back on my Jeep, and also add light-guards, and that, when the appointed time came around, and he attempted to wake me up, I yelled at him, and yet he still came over tonight.

I have fed him wine and food and put on his favorite shirt, and here we are, still talking. I am about to nap until my sheets are ready. It is perfect.

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Dewey said...

It truly is a state of bliss, isn't it? We had chili he made with bread that he baked, cutting up the contestants on The Amazing Race. But whatever you're doing when you're just chilling with The Boy, it's awesome. *sigh* I hope it never washes off!