Thursday, September 21, 2006

Things That Inspire Me

The Buttons and SexyBack videos. HOLY CRAP ARE THEY HAWT.
The Matrix videos.
The movie Domino.
BONES, the TV show.
The Psalms and the Proverbs.
The practice of Wicca.
Changing weather.
Growing my hair out.
Awesome Dinner Party on Saturday, at which I ate my fill of three excellent vegan dips, one made by me.
Baba Ghanoush that turned out seriously awesome, see above.
Cold Sesame Noodles that turned out SO awesome that people asked me for the recipe.
Rearranging my kitchen!

Purposely using the V word--aka Vegan--in normal conversation with servers. As in, "Can I get that with no cheese, no sour cream, or any animal products? I'm vegan."

Them: "Sure."

Me: "Great.

Surprisingly easy!

This weekend, which will include going to see The Black Dahlia, this awesome Oktoberfest, seeing the LT, and spending time with my niece and my mother in the fall sunshine!

And finally, debauchery.

This picture is better not examined too closely. Please leave as a thumbnail, thank you.

Uh, AND this picture too.

But THIS picture is awesome! All hail Tacoma!

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