Monday, September 11, 2006

Having It All

Balance, grasshopper. Patience. Balance. Life is a juggling act.

For example: going to yoga + going to hip hop + walking my dog twice daily + possibly starting a real dance class = not possible.

Doing hip hop now, starting yoga with a workout tape at home = possible.

Starting a real dance class after hip hop class is over, next season = possible.

Walking Titan = a necessity

Trying to add a few swims per week to this schedule = NOT POSSIBLE.

Trying to rent a practice room at the local community college in which I can occasionally practice my flute = NOT POSSIBLE

Occasionally practicing at home, in the bathroom, with the door closed = possible.

Finishing novel + working 40 hours a week + tutoring five hours a week = not possible.

Working on novel from time to time, at least one day a week = possible

Cooking my own vegan food fresh for every meal = NOT POSSIBLE

Devoting one afternoon a week to keep my vegan food supplies up = possible.

Number of evenings I would like to see the LT = 7
Number of evenings I have free = 5

Number of major overlaps I have in coming months: 1.

Being at both the LT's Navy Ball and at my Freshman Roommate's Wedding in Boston, at the same time = NOT POSSIBLE

Being at one or the other = possible

Number of ways I care that this post does not use consistent syntax = 0.

Number of ways in which I am slowly going insane = 579.

1 comment:

Shananigans said...

I always feel guilty that I’m not doing a bunch of stuff I feel like I really should be doing. I guess it’s good to know what you really can and can’t do. Then I’d only have to feel guilty about the stuff I can do but am not doing because I’m too lazy :P