Sunday, October 08, 2006

Because My Boyfriend Notices When I Don't Write

Which means that my cover of "writing" when what I'm really doing is "picking my nose while surfing the Vegan Freak boards" is blown. Dammit.

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Sunday Night at Chez Empty, now with MORE Target Wine!

Titan is at my grandmother's, you see. It's easier for him to stay there while I frantically travel, tutor, entertain the LT's father, and simultaneously look for a NEW place to live. My house is very empty. It's hard. I miss him. But I know he's happy there, and more important, my GRANDMOTHER just loves having him. She needs him more than I do, right now. I'm happy to help. (And, of course, I benefit by getting all this extra time!) (And less dog hair!!)

Still. I miss him.

Fortunately, I can fill that void by buying stuff, and what do I discover right as I decide I'm going to buy stuff?

The Perfect Store.

It's like they knew I was coming!

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