Sunday, October 29, 2006

Things You've Missed, or, Not Blogging About It

So. Blogging.

It's this thing I do. Sometimes I do it for others, sometimes I do it for myself. Not all of my posts are published. At least two HAVE been published and then yanked. Some are published because I really need to get feelings out, like the love letter to my mother or the long post about LT and I arguing. Some posts I start and can't finish.

Some posts never get written.

I'm going through a rough period in my life right now. I'm not technically broke or in major debt, I have sympathetic family nearby and friends and a car and a great dog, and I have a good job, and I'm in love with a terrific man, and he happens to think I'm pretty sweet, too. So if you add up the "pluses" column, especially in the Long Term Happiness category, I'm doing pretty well.

But. The short term column?

My friends got promoted. Notice that I did not get promoted. I cannot find a good condo. I can't afford a good condo, I guess. I have to move out in four days and I don't have a solid place to go, yet.

I have big deadlines for work that aren't finished yet. I have The Cough That Will Not Die. (For days I've been going around breathing on people I don't like.) I should get it checked out, but I don't have TIME.

TIME. Time to move out, time to work, time to tutor, time for Halloween, time for LT, time to breathe.

I have two days to get through. If I can just get through tomorrow and Tuesday, I'll make it. Wednesday morning will be a whole new world.

Thanks for reading.

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