Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Incoherence, continued

Like I said, I'm managing to tutor okay, which is good--especially since I'm now depending on that income to make my eventual condo payment--but apparently my tiredness is not so easily hidden from the rest of the world.

Case in point: Hot Neighbor and I ran into each other at the mailboxes yesterday. We're chatting along about my apartment and the suckiness of the Tacoma to Seattle commute, and when all of a sudden he stops and says,

"Sweetie, you look absolutely exhausted. Is everything" and here he drops his voice to a whisper "...okay?"

...And he said it in the kind of voice that means he was expecting at least one if not all of the following: a major cocaine and/or meth addiction, lots of time spent in shady bars, the kind of time in which I tell the bartender to just leave the bottle, several nights spent fighting and then making up with the LT, a death in my immediate family, impending termination from my job with a side-order of humiliation, several missed periods, etc, etc.

On my shopping list now: extra strength under-eye concealer. Do they sell bleach for under your eyes? Does anyone know?


dewey said...

Sadly, no, they do not. And regular bleach burns more than you could ever imagine. However, MAC does have a very high-hide concealer. I suggest a consult with them, lest you should get something a shade too light or dark and end up looking like a... a... well, I don't know. Not like you had planned?

kt said...

they do actually - kind of. i got some at walgreens - look for an undereye lightener. :)

how you been? i've started to blog again.

Anonymous said...