Monday, October 16, 2006

Sealing the Fate of THIS Relationship

On the phone with the LT, last night:

LT: "So, how was tutoring?"
Me: "Good. I told both of my girls that I'm taking you out for dinner tomorrow. K wishes you happy birthday, and C made you a card!"
LT: "SWEET! I have a new girlfriend!"
Me: "Honey, she's sixteen!"
LT: ...
LT: "...I mentioned the part about me being a sailor to you before, right?"
Me: "Very funny."
LT: "Hey, is she the one that also dislikes Napoleon Dynamite?"
Me: "NO."
LT: "Dammit."


l-t said...

Mental note (AGAIN): Never say ANYTHING you don't want to be misquoted as saying.

Aarwenn said...

Revision to mental note: Don't date women who love to expose your private life to the public!

I mean, AFTER me, of course. You are not allowed to break up with me for this reason alone.