Saturday, October 14, 2006

Day 10, Sans Monster

This is the tenth day I have spent in my apartment without Titan, and I am beginning to whore myself out on the street so I don't have to sleep at home.

What's the point in going home, really? No dog to walk, feed, or love. At night, insomnia claims me. I sit up late, on my computer, eating Ramen and watching free streaming videos of 30Rock and Heroes. I could buy stuff online, but I don't have disposable income since I'm trying to save for a condo, and the whole ordeal hardly seems worth it.

For those who don't know, my apartment building decided, after some complaint calls, that they are not going to renew my lease because of Titan. They are not comfortable with having such a large dog in the building. They're probably right in their decision, and it's definitely my fault in this case--I should never have Titan off leash in an apartment building, ever again. I certainly won't in the future. But I learned this lesson too late to stay in the building, so...ta-da. I (we) have to be gone by November 2.

They didn't specifically say that Titan can't be in the building during this last month, but with him gone, I'm more flexible--I can head out to look at condos all hours of the day and night. Or at least I could, in theory. It sounds good, right? Suddenly getting a call from my real estate agent and being able to just leave without worrying if I've fed Titan or let him out recently, not having to take those extra twenty minutes, just being able to throw on a coat and shoes and go?

Sure. Like that happens. Like I said: with him gone, I have no direction, no need to stick to a routine. All I do bum around on the Hill.

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