Tuesday, November 07, 2006

And Then, After Friday...

...Saturday morning: M calls. "Hi, your Jeep was broken into. They hammered on the windshield with a brick. The brick is still sitting on your hood. Your HOOD is fine. The windshield is still slightly intact, but there's glass all over your front seat.

...Saturday afternoon: I drive with Realtor to see a condo. We get into a fender-bender on the way.

...Saturday afternoon: Condo is not worth it.

...Saturday night: Massive intoxication.

...Sunday morning: Crankiness.

...Sunday afternoon: Loneliness.

...Sunday night: Make appointment with All-Star Autoglass to come fix Windshield.

...Monday morning: B's Car (in which I am carpooling) runs out of gas, gas station credit card machine is broken.

...Monday lunch: sit blearily through two hours of traffic on bus ride home.

...Monday afternoon: All-Star Autoglass calls to say they can't fix Windshield in this weather because glue won't dry or stick. (Seattle is flooding.)

...Monday evening: COOKING! And movie!

...Tuesday morning, lunch, and afternoon: Work

...Tuesday evening: VOTING!



Lindsey said...

Oh lord. If that is not the worst week in history, I dont' know what is.

Glitter/Aleka said...

The car stuff alone would frost my cookies.

Aarwenn said...

Hi ladies, I learn now that there really is a master plan for the universe. Going through all that shite, while very difficult at the time, turns out to be totally worth it in order to hear the phrase "Frost my cookies". (Not that your sympathy isn't needed too, linney!) :)