Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Got this gem in one of the previous comments, and wanted to repost it here:

L-T says: "You know, there's a saying in the Blogosphere: TTIWWOP! This thread is worthless without pics!"

And so, with much further ado, I bring you: Pictures.

On our way up to Whistler. Notice the big smiles. We are ready to SKI! Nothing will stop us! No sirree bob!

Getting ready, still unware that Anything Bad Would Happen.

I wish this was me; I wish that my fall had been in so much powder. This is a representative shot of all the tumbles that were taken on Friday. You can see that there is enough snow to cover several mountain ranges. How did I find the one rock patch? Ask my skis.

After the first day--I'd already broken myself against a moutain, but the boys are all in fine far.

Myself and Nina. Notice how nice and happy we look here. You can't see how bad my thigh is, and I'm all smiley because I've had all day to rest, have just gotten in a hot tub, and taken six advil. My mood on this night will get drastically worse.

The Girls, at breakfast, Sunday morning. You can see that we look a little more raggedy here. We are all bundled up, even inside the cafe, because it is REALLY FREAKIN' COLD outside, although you can't tell that from the picture.

An absolute gem of a picture, and my reaction to T-Town's broken leg, caught on film. I am on the phone with her at this very moment. Also indicative of my normal life, that is, a bunch of stuff happens around me while I'm on the phone. Typical.

I'm not the only one feeling the pain. We are all about to leave, and we are tired.

Really, Really tired.

But are we going again? WELL HELL YES WE ARE!

We are insane.

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