Thursday, November 09, 2006

And Today, My Nose Bled AGAIN

But really, what else is new?

Thanks to our office OA/CPR person, who is also a mother with a daughter slightly older than I am, it went much better than my killer nose bleed a week ago. Much like my non-swimming friend J felt better during Seafair because my Hot Navy LT was on the boat with us, I felt better and more relaxed just knowing that the person who was handing me paper towels, while not as comforting as my own mother, at least had basic medical training.

And unlike during the move, when I was happy just for a reason to sit down and not move for awhile and had no one pushing me along, at work I needed the nose to STOP BLEEDING, ALREADY, AND ACT LIKE A NORMAL OLFACTORY SENSE. Thank you.

(Whoever comes by my desk today will be mighty surprised by the blood-soaked paper towels in my wastebasket. I tell you, nothing turns red like blood.) (Possibly Duh.)

The condo search continues, sort of. It's hard to force myself to look because it's gray and rainy outside, and the place I live is so freakin' beautiful that I don't want to move, but at the same time I miss Titan and can't wait to have my own space again, and it's also partly true that my beautiful living space inspires me to start my OWN pretty space. (Did that make sense?) So far, though, I've found condos that either:

1. Don't publish their square footage, which is Not A Good Sign, or
2. Don't take dogs, or
3. Are in Sea-Tac, or
4. Are just plain fugly.

Also, Firefox has stopped working on my computer ALTOGETHER, I haven't unpacked yet from my move, and I have not, as yet, woken up on time to make my boyfriend coffee before he leaves on his long drive to work after staying with me in the new place. And I am not wearing deodorant. (But I AM wearing clean underwear!)

Okay, maybe that was a little too much information. Moving on.

I have come up with A List Of Things I Must Do After Work TODAY:

1. Pay Car Insurance.
Because I am a terribly White Trash Person and my car insurance has LASPED because I FORGOT TO PAY IT. (Note: Although this is bad, this could be SO MUCH WORSE, in that my Windshield Attack could have been more like a Full Body Attack and I would have been Uninsured At That Point and I would have cried like A Baby.)

But that did not happen! Windshield is very cheap to replace and I would not have involved my insurance anyway! Thank all the gods in your immediate vicinity for small mercies!

2. Pay Dental Bill.
Again with the White Trash. I owe my dentist almost five hundred dollars and STILL they continue to make appointments for me, most of which I cancel maybe five hours ahead of time, and in one memorable instance, just an hour before. I cannot believe they still speak to me.

3. Put up shelves in closet
Because, when your boyfriend noses about your room looking for a place to put his overnight bag, and cannot find even ONE clear square foot of shag carpet, you have a problem. Especially with shag carpet, because obviously all those fibers contribute to the possible surface area of the rug, you know?

I'm not really sure what I said there.

4. Call policeman about incident report.
For obvious reasons. I'm sort of hoping he'll be cute, just for fun, but of course he won't be half as hot, even in uniform, as LT.

5. Go grocery shopping!
Not that eating out three meals a day hasn't been fun.

6. Maybe go to Target!
Because what can't be fixed by a trip to Target?

7. Collect mail from old place.
Because, duh, and also, there might be a check in there!

Because. SO Duh.

9. Sleep.

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