Friday, November 03, 2006

Made It Past Wednesday

And all the way to Friday! WOO-HOO!

Things I Have Done This Week:

  • Packed up my entire apartment.
  • Moved my entire apartment into a storage space.
  • Moved my necessities into the room I'm renting from a friend until I find a condo.
  • Gotten a new roommate. (Hi, M!)
  • Moved into the lap of luxury. (M's house is Freakin' OMG Incredible. The kind of incredible that makes people gasp as they walk in.)
  • Had a killer nose bleed that effectively stopped the moving process for an hour.
  • Gotten my apartment inspected, signed, sealed, and delivered. Bye-bye, apartment.
  • (Sniff)
  • (Sniff)
  • Fought off a case of Bronchitis.
  • Waded through angry phone calls on the day I was moving, sick, and bleeding.
  • Worked occasionally.
  • Made cookies!

I'm still alive! I still have a relationship! I still have a job! HAPPY FRIDAY, EVERYONE!

1 comment:

Candi said...

Oh, I'm so stressed for you. I know how it feels to move and go to a temp place. I also wish you were not sick while doing all this! :(

At least you are living somewhere really nice until you find the perfect condo for you!