Sunday, November 12, 2006

Weekend Wrap-up

  • Went to my VERY first NFL game! And the Hawks beat the Rams, 24-22! Very close game! Completely awesome!

  • LT is sick. Boo. :( Get better soon, baby.

  • Celebrated my parents' birthdays. Hi, guys! Happy birthday!

  • Saw an old friend.

  • Saw new friends!

  • Took Titan for the weekend!

    And a quote: I left my boys together one evening as I went to my parents' house to celebrate the aformentioned birthday, and as I was leaving, I asked the LT jokingly if he and Titan would be okay together for a few hours.

    "Sure," he answered. "We'll party it up."

    When I called to say I was on my way home and he'd better be ready to meet SouthernBelle, I asked him how Titan was.

    His reply: "He hasn't moved an inch the entire time you've been gone."

    Codependency! Coming soon to a dog near you!

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