Thursday, March 08, 2007

I've Been Gently Reminded

I've been told I need to post more, specifically for Quatoes, who apparently needs more things to read at work.

The problem is, my Little (hi, Little!) is in town, and she is awesome, and I'm grabbing a few minutes to write this post between social engagements while she naps. And my brain is sort of tapped out.

So: I'll tell a story.

A lot of people have been asking questions about the LT, or if that's not entirely accurate, a lot of people have been surprised about facts like, "Oh, LT went to CMU?" or, "Oh, LT works for the Navy?"

It's time for a profile.

Name: L.T.
Age: 27
Job: As he says, "Parking Valet."
To Which I Say: "You mean, a traffic director for Nuclear Submarines?"
Employer: U.S. Navy (Only until OCTOBER!)

How We Met:

A little over a year ago now, I got this message on MySpace:

"Hey, Aarwenn, it's LT! From CMU! Remember me? Hope you're doing well, etc, etc. I need a girl, and not for that. I just bought a house and moved into it, I'm trying to paint and trying to hang curtains. And I have no taste. So, do you want to come over sometime? I'll feed you, if you lend your girly advice, to colors and curtains and so forth. And I'm in Seattle a fair amount, so maybe we'll connect before then."

And I sure did remember him, he was a fraternity brother of my then-boyfriend, and he dated the best friend of my big sister, and in a strange twist of fate, I once rode in his brand-new car one night when he was about to graduate, both of us extremely intoxicated, to fetch an inhaler that my then-boyfriend desperately needed. (I ride around in that very same car today, both of us much less intoxicated.) A very wise and prudent man named Nick stopped us on the way out of the fraternity parking lot and convinced us to walk to fetch the inhaler instead, and indeed went WITH me all the way up the hill, me furiously smoking a cigarette the whole time, to fetch said inhaler. Such a man cannot be thanked enough. (Thanks, Nick. You rock. Really hard.)

Anyway, back to the email chain. Me: "Sure, I'll lend my advice! How are you, how's everything? Next time you're in Seattle, give me a buzz--Bremerton's a long way away. Feel to join the rotating cast that crashes on my couch."

Him: "Sweet."

(Fast forward two or four or maybe six weeks later.)

We kept getting beers, I went over to his house several times. At first, I was trying to set him up with my friends, because he was a stand-up guy, and good bachelors cannot be wasted, and then after awhile, I thought, "Hmmmmm!"

(As our friend Dave puts it, "Well, no one ELSE would date him, so Aarwenn finally had to date him herself!) (Aarwenn says: perhaps if we had been closer in college, we would have known each other too well, but since I met him all of three times--one of those times involving the car incident, above--we barely knew each other. And that proved to be a good thing.)

That was---a little less than--nine months ago. Hi, sweetie! Hope you enjoyed this, please feel free to correct any mistakes. And I know you will.


l-t said...

PASTTIMES: Reading, cars, backpacking.

Possibly the reason we starting seeing each other: sailing.

Possibly the reason we continue to see each other: skiing. Fanatics. Probably too much so to be good for our healths. Or our limbs. Mz. Christmas Tattoo. Ahem.

C.Oz said...

He's out in October? (LT, you're out in October? You must be getting to the count-down phase...)

Have a great weekend! (You owe me part of next Saturday or Sunday, remember.)

Oh right, this is Celia. I forgot you didn't have my blogger name yet. :)