Monday, March 26, 2007

Mishmash Monday

Hello! I am in a brand new office, and I have unpacked exactly half a box, out of three. I am cold--the heat doesn't work yet, or if it does, it's set way too low. (It's not just me, EVERYONE has their coats on.)

However! It is SUNNY here! Yes, sunny. As in, the big yellow thing in the sky has FINALLY decided to make an appearance, which is damn good because the ski season (sniff!) is coming to an end (SNIFF!) in just three short weeks. (SNIFF, SNIFF!) I'll miss the mountains, of course, but with the sunshine out, and with a day of actual spring skiing under my belt on Sunday, in which the sunshine was gorgeous, we took our jackets off as we sat outside and ate lunch, and I had some absolutely spectacular falls, I am almost pacified. And now, onto the mishmash:

An Outline of My Life In Chapters, or, Computer Withdrawal and How I Survived

Sunday: Computer stops working. Completely. Stops. Cannot be Revived. I did not realize how dependent I was on the internet until that exact moment. I do not know the hotel at which I am staying, can't look it up, and have no work numbers to call, can't even get in touch with the coworker who I am meeting. I accost random strangers in the airport, hoping to use their power brick to make my computer work. No luck. I call my dad. He, blessedly, and with great patience, listens to me ramble, looks up my hotel, and wishes me well. Bless you, dad.

Monday: I call the B In-House Computer Group. After reassuring themselves that I had tried everything I could, including pushing the power button for a longer time, actually something they suggested, they advise me that the computer is "dead" and that I should go to the nearest laptop service center, in spite of the fact that I had specifically said I was at a conference, away from my desk, in California, early on in the conversation.

Tuesday: More Eyeball Conference. Usually at these conferences I have quite a bit of down time, but not so at this one. I spend ten hours a day inside talking about lasers, with no latte. I have no internet connection and I cannot blog. Someone is going to get hurt.

Wednesday: My conference buddy Ashley and I are chased away from enjoying our lunch by some damn aggressive geese. I finally get to post.

Thursday: Conference ends, thank the good Lord above, and I get to see family, who takes me out to a very nice dinner and listens sympathetically as I blabber on about politics, food, eyeballs, and the LT.

Friday: I'm HOME FROM CALIFORNIA! Immediately stuff myself with Ethiopian food and excellent company, thanks to the visit of two old, and dear, friends from college. (Shoutout to R and A!) It's raining in Seattle and we lose track of time, enough time that the LT makes it to my house before I do. Whoops.

Friday night: I shower and pick up my place, and attempt to unpack, while the LT naps and watches a little TV. He also has a friend in town for the weekend (Hi, Nick!) a nice guy that I also know, from CMU, and pretty soon it gets to be about 10 and Nick calls LT, saying he's parking by my apartment. LT goes out to fetch him.

Friday Night, ten minutes later: Four hot Navy guys walk into my apartment. Only two of them I know.

Friday Night, five minutes later: I curse myself for not having beer, pour out the wine, and slap some makeup on while simultaneous calling my close girlfriends to come join us. No answer on anyone's phone. The rest of the evening turns out very nice, actually, we shoot some pool down at The Garage, and are home not too late.

Saturday morning: SLEEPING IN! Then brunch, and then shopping at Whole Paycheck. The LT fills up his beer collection while I spend an embarrassing amount of money on Mrs. Meyer's Cleaning Products, partly because the packaging is so adorable, and partly because I'm hoping to propel myself to finish my apartment. (I bought this freakin' adorable spring-cleaning kit. Don't look at that and say it wasn't worth the money!)

Saturday Afternoon: LT and I watch Stranger Than Fiction, just as good (and maybe better!) than I thought it was going to be, and even better, a movie (a NEW movie!) we both enjoy! A rarity! (Note to self: the soundtrack is awesome. Investigate this.)

Saturday night: More Navy men show up at my apartment.

Sunday: Spring skiing! And the most spectacular fall ever, of my entire life, of which sadly there is not a single picture. And so I have attempted to recreate it by Paint instead:

Yes. In this picture, I am hanging upside down by my skis, as they are cross braced on a couple of handy trees. (Right under a lift. I received several helpful suggestions, none of which I followed.)

Yes, I made it down the mountain in one piece. No, I will not do it again!

Monday morning: Off to unpacking!

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ramblin' girl said...

love that you added gravity to your diagram... heehee.

also reminds me of a precarious position my sister was in (and I had to help her out of) in Alta, just replace trees with rocks on each edge of a chute.

glad you made it home in one piece!