Saturday, March 10, 2007


About fifteen people went to Sushi and Sake (if you went: holla!) last night to meet both my Little and LT, who indeed lives in the area but hasn't met a lot of my work friends, and for reasons why, see, "Skiing, Addicted To."

(We're gone all the time in the winter.)

One of the LT's friends was also in town, mainly to ski and see the LT, and a lot of our mutual friends came out, too. Many, many funny and brilliant things were said, as I have brilliant and funny friends, and almost all of us are engineers, so we have similar senses of humor and play off of each other--and those of us who are NOT engineers, mainly work with engineers, and they don't take any crap FROM engineers, and really, I am very lucky in that I am surrounded by really cool people. Of course, I showed my special brand of love by insulting everyone.

A classic example:

Me, telling the story of the crime wave that hit my neighborhod: "...So then my car, and my then-landord's car and his BOYFRIEND'S car all got broken into. In the same month."

RBB: "I have to confess that I totally stopped listening at "his boyfriend."

Now, RBB is a hick from Pennsylvania, but he normally hides it so well that I was surprised at this. He saw that on my face and continued:

"...But only because I'm dumb! Sex makes me laugh! I mean, my good friend has recently gone to Thailand, and I'm the guy who, every time he mentions it, snickers. 'Ha. You said BANGKOK.'"

I began to laugh. "Ha! That's good, you should make that explanation every time. It's hard to be politically offended by an idiot. Actually, I'll start mentioning that, 'Hi, meet my friend RBB! If he says anything offensive, just ignore him, his IQ is like, 70."

RBB: "HA! Awesome."

Later, RBB was telling this story to Dave (mentioned here before) and our other friend D, and they laughed, and in the process, Dave took off his jacket, at which point I noticed that he and D were dressed almost identically in red polo shirts.

Me: "AWWWWW! You guys look like a well-dressed couple!"

Dave: (shoots me a look) (heavy sarcasm) "Thank you, Aarwenn. This is why we love you."

Whoops. I do try to avoid insulting the LT, though.

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