Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Mountain comes to Mohammed!

T-Town came up to Seattle last night! We devoured a loaf of French bread, two bottles of wine, cheese (for her) and fake cheese and hummus (for me), and talked a ton. And it was good.

(I was actually trying to use her for apartment wisdom, and we got nothing accomplished except hanging a picture of my father. So much for that.)

Before T-Town arrived, Titan and I walked, as usual, except it wasn't very usual because my Jeep in-car thermometer said it was 64 degrees yesterday. For the record, those of us who have been stuck in Seattle during The Gray, which has been with us for the past four months, including November, which was the rainiest month EVER, in Seattle HISTORY, were pretty damn happy to see any sunshine at all. I thought about going straight to the park, but chose to walk Broadway instead, hoping that the sunshine might bring out the people, and I was so right, Broadway was packed. The most interesting thing I saw on my walk: an elephant strapped to a truck! (A topiary elephant.) Reason I didn't get a picture: the old gross guy driving the truck thought I was staring at him and was leering back, mouth actually hanging open. GROSS. (I should have gotten a picture anyway.)

Speaking of elephants, I was browsing Half-Price Books the other day and found an old copy of Babar! Anyone remember Babar, King of the Elephants? As a child, I didn't realize that it was translated from the original French, although of course as an adult it's a lot more obvious. I bought the copy to add to my "nostalgia" collection of books. (Like I need any more books.) Moving on!

It's Titan!

(I hope. Can anyone see the video? If not, try original YouTube video.)

(Note: It's amazing how clean-ish my apartment looks if you only look at one tiny corner. And that gray futon is now covered in white dog hair.)


sarah said...

Babar has been turned into a Saturday (or is it Sunday?) morning cartoon on one of our main channels here (ABC/NBC/CBS -- one of those). Brings back great memories for me. I loved those books (and I still have them!).

julie said...

Babar! Better still, I watched it in the original French.

Titan is a bundle of awesome and now I want a dog. You have created a monster.

alex said...

I think I had a Babar book, too, but I'm pretty sure it was in German.

Houseguest said...


(You need to get him sworn in as a sheriff's deputy.)

Shananigans said...

I love Babar! I have Yoga for Elephants which features Babar and his elephant friends, plus the book came with a free poster. I was super excited when I found that at the book store.