Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Best Comment About My Looks, Ever

Me, describing the situation at my new work site:

"Well, I'm the only girl among about thirty young men. I'm not model good-looking or anything, but-"

Jen: "Yes, you are!" (Then she takes in my jeans and unwashed hair.) "I mean, when you're cleaned up a bit..."

Hello to everyone! It is Tuesday, I'm still in debt but getting better, and I just ensured I would nullify all my getting-out-of-debt activities by planning travel to NYC, Pittsburgh, and Japan, in chronological order, clearly not in order of importance. That's right, I said Japan. The aforementioned Jen and her awesome husband, J, (and their last name starts with J, too) are off to Japan (which also starts with J) in May for about ten days, and I am determined to go with them. Having just paid down my American Express bill by $1500, I am all ready to charge it up again. The LT can't go, sadly, as he just started his Brand New Civilian Job! and has no vacation, but he said I could go anyway and I'm holding him to that.

In addition, I have lost six pounds--back to losing weight again, yay to losing weight but boo to HAVING to lose weight again--and I have bought this dishwasher, with Christmas money (thanks, Grandma).

It's amazing how personal improvement seems to happen in waves. Why is it so much easier to suddenly stop buying things and save like crazy to pay off an American Express bill than to just save throughout the year? Why is it easier to gain and lose weight than to just keep at a constant weight? A mystery, I tell you.


T-town Girl said...

The one nice thing about yo-yo dieting is that you have an excuse to have 2 wardrobes! Not that I suse them that way, I wear my big clothes as they hang off my frame and I wear my skinny clothes as they give me miffin top but it all works in theroy.

YHAOS said...

The answer to that is simple- it's all about the goal, the quest, the brass ring- that vision of a better world, a better you, that gets us off the dime, out of our seats, in motion, eyes blazing, nostrils flaring.....

Maintenance is just boring!