Sunday, January 06, 2008

I Found the Falafel Truck!

So much of Capitol Hill is mysterious--it reminds me in that way of Europe, even the big cities where the fad of American customer service has had time to penetrate. Stores are open some days, they're not other days. Sometimes they're closed for weeks and then suddenly re-open. Sometimes they close for religious observance days. Sometimes storefronts only operate for a day and are actually an art installation. Whatever.

So you just have to keep going out, being on the street, walking different routes, and also checking back by places you want to see more of. And when you see the thing you want, YOU HAVE TO GRAB IT because it may not be there the next day.

Case in point:

Picture by LT.*

While stumbling out of the Cha-Cha--I think, my memory's sort of fuzzy--I saw this falafel truck and jumped for joy on the sidewalk. No, I really did. I have been LOOKING for this truck EVERYWHERE--in Georgetown, where I hear they did lunch, in Capitol Hill the last time I was there, and couldn't find him--so I was super excited to see the bright yellow truck in its customary alleyway by Cafe Vita. LT and T-Town Girl went to get hot dogs--I didn't care. I wanted my falafel. The tahini sauce is creamy, the falafel is spicy and yummy, not dry and bland like so many other falafels, and Rick, the guy who runs the truck (Shout-out!) is totally nice and pretty punk, in a good way. And you get a pickle, which is totally cool. All joking aside, this is some damn good falafel, the best I've had in Seattle.

*LT called me from Texas and demanded credit for this photo. I have created a monster.

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