Tuesday, January 08, 2008

My Apartment

Yes, finally. It's here. The pictures from the Re-Organization of my apartment, affected by T-Town, and while you're at, she finally updated her blog today. I'm so proud.

First things first: Christmas tree.

It looks good from outside the window, too.

Mirror, decorated for Christmas. Sorry for the bluriness, but I hate flash.

Other mirror, decorated for Christmas. (See the little red bow?)

The whole setup, with both mirrors:
The picture in the middle is caricature done of my father when he was younger than I am now.

Eating nook:


Close up of the entry way, and you can see the range of my apartment to the rear of this picture, through the eating nook to the TV area.

Closeup of a Holiday decoration.

From the entry way we move on to the dog on the sofa:
Titan sez: Stop taking my picture. (You can see one of the chairs of the eating nook behind the sofa, if you're trying to get a sense for how my apartment is laid out.)

And finally, the view from the sofa:
Sofa and CD tower both scored for free off Freecycle, my favorite thing in the world.

And one more just for kicks:
My kitchen, with my favorite sign in the apartment.

That's all, folks! Hope you enjoyed! Notice there are no pictures of the computer at which I spend all of my time or the glowing pink exercise ball, so really this is a completely unrepresentative view of my apartment, but that's all that design magazines show anyway. Somewhere in there is an exercise bike, a computer, and a pink exercise ball--now you know.


alex said...

Nice place.

If you don't like the flash, try taping some kleenex or similar over it. That should soften the light a bit.

Quatoes said...

Nice apartment. *wan grin* Mine is just slightly messier... uh... by a factor of 500%?

Problem w/out flash is that I'm not able to hold my camera steady enough to take a good picture.