Thursday, January 31, 2008

Only One Month Behind!

That's WAY earlier than I usually am.

Those in the know will notice that I have not yet, this year, had "We Regret These Errors" or "Stuff I Did" or "Next Year's Resolutions" posts yet, and I'm sure you were losing sleep over it.

That will happen no longer. I don't really have a "We Regret These Errors" post in my head, and I'm not sure if that's because I did fewer things I regret or, alternatively, if I tried fewer things and then failed less. I tend to the latter assumption because I'm firmly of the belief that if you're not making mistakes, you're not trying hard enough, so even though I have fewer regrets, I'm a little sad about that. I swear I did some exciting things, though, and just in case you don't believe me, I am going to tell you all about them. Get a cup of coffee.

2007: A Recap


Still reeling from a horrible fight between friends, I cooked a lot and rediscovered my passion for classical music, which I filled my Landlord's house with as I utilized his huge, gourmet kitchen. I took time out to visit the LT's family in Texas for a well-deserved break in the sunshine, and went on just a few skiing trips, including one to Whistler.


In February, I MOVED into this gorgeous apartment. While there, I wrote this long post about feminism and sex, and the LT went to Texas again to attend the service for his aunt. I took the time to build a pegboard wall.


In March, I kicked off women's history month by co-writing a post with the LT about sororities and body image. My Little came to see me, I went to California, I went to Whistler, and I went to California again. Also I moved office buildings and joined a gym.


In April, the LT and myself met our friend Mike in Tahoe, and then I totaled up how much I'd spent on skiing, discovering it to be very expensive in terms of shoes but pretty cheap in terms of therapy. I had a long, snarky, judgmental, and thoroughly enjoyable discussion with my brilliant friend D about declining education standards. I wrote a long post about past decisions and got a THIRD speeding ticket in a year. Adding to my finance issues, I also donated to my alma mater. The LT and I attended his last Submarine Ball.


In May, I went to the dentist, not big news but still important, and learned how to clean before I hosted Mother's Day at my apartment, and I was helped along in this process by my discovery of (which I still don't use, but occasionally try). I skied on Cinco de Mayo and read Suze Orman and opened an IRA. I attempted to bike to work. Finally, the LT, myself, Titan, and our friend Dave went camping, and almost rolled Helter off a cliff. (Part 1.) (Part 2.)


In June, the LT and I celebrated our one-year anniversary with a dinner out and then a tasty breakfast of banana walnut pancakes, which I still drool over. Or maybe I'm just drooling over those GORGEOUS ROSES. I locked myself out of my apartment in bare feet, and had some further adventures in housekeeping. This happened right before my gorgeous cousin and her awesome fiance came to visit me, whom I then left in the care of the LT as I left for T-Town's Bachelorette Party Weekend, possibly the most relaxing and detoxing weekend ever. All of us, even the drivers, showed up extremely hungover, and after three hours of mineral bath and massage we felt young enough to pass for pre-teens.


Well, for one thing, T-Town GOT MARRIED in July! I explored summer culture, my good friend BLarr came to see me and Geeber, I stayed up until 3:30 am finished the final Harry Potter, and the LT and I went to a second wedding.


In August, my microwave blew up and I bought a motorcycle helmet, and the LT and I ran away to Seaside. After that, LT's friend Leslie came to visit us, making her the fourth set of houseguests I'd had so far. More exciting things happened as I went out with Julie, Dave's wife, and sat backstage for a Wilco concert when my Little came to town again. I entertained some vegans from the Vegan Freak forum (wow!) when they came to town.


In September, I went to MIAMI and on a CRUISE with some of my best friends ever! (More Miami pictures here and here!) LT went to Texas for his ten-year reunion and then built me a new computer as I flew back from Miami and had to fly out to San Jose the same day. I remember telling the MasterPark shuttle guy that I was back at the airport for the second time in four hours, and he said, "Holy Crap, you must be exhausted!" I got a landline and got in another fatal and friendship-ending fight, seems to be a theme this year but I've accepted both occurrences as necessary. LT had his motorcycle stolen while we were volunteering at Beerfest, and I threw an excellent Back to School Party. I bought a Polaroid camera for this event, and I swear I'll have pictures soon.


(Hang in there!) In October, I stopped being vegan, and the LT got his motorcycle back, thank Blog. I bought some Mary Kay and answered a lot of questions about my ING account. I met Crazy Aunt Purl on the LT's Birthday, I got banned from the Vegan Freaks website and was then flamed to eternity, and escaped from it all to go to Sacramento for my cousin's wedding. I also contributed my helping of snark to the world.


In November, I went to Boston, Baltimore, and Minnesota, none of them warm places but only really freezing in Minnesota. I posted my novel excerpt and voted, I celebrated Veteran's Day, and I said to my big sister. I spent several days in Baltimore staying with the amazing Sarah and saw my friend Anna get married. Much less impressive but still important, I tried Chez Gaudy, and started a real blogging job.


Finally, in DECEMBER, I burned a frittata, I got crafty for the holiday spirit, I turned 27 and discovered life-hacking, and attended about five million holiday parties. Finally, I ate at Quinn's and froze my rear off at New Year's Eve, inspiring a New Year's Resolution for next year!

Happy 2008 to everyone! Even if it's been around for a month already!

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