Sunday, August 14, 2005

My car is still impounded, and I am sick

And I have leftover osso buco on my stove. I should probably freeze it--and would, but is it still good? How do I know? It's less than 24 hours old...but it's been sitting out in warmish weather all that time.

I have to get my car out of impound 120 hours from the time of the accident--roughly five days and five hours. It was put into impound on Thursday at 7--so I can retrieve it by Tuesday at midnight. I think this is the insurance claims adjuster's job, but I'm not really sure. He's supposed to call me today by 1:00 pm at the latest. The point is, if it's not taken from impound, it'll go up for auction. And that would suck. (Actually, that's an understatement--this is the thing that CANNOT HAPPEN.)

Still sick over here. Lost my voice two nights in a row. But I did prove to TheBoy I could cook, which is important--I had never cooked for him before. It's funny that all his friends were excited that I could cook, like, "HEY! She can COOK!" I mean, did they think I ate out three meals a day before this? Living by oneself implies a certain level of cooking achievement, in my mind. It's true that I'm famous for being a health nut, and enjoying things that no sane human would--i.e., spinach straight from a bag, like a rabbit; nutritional yeast, juice with absolutely NO added sugar, wheat germ, kefir, really thick green juice with occasional lumps, apple cider vinegar tonics, organic everything, whole-wheat bread, tofu, baked tofu, plain organic active-culture yogurt, etc, I think TheBoy was a little scared I'd cook some combination of yeast and green juice.

Like I don't know the difference between personal food and company food!

Still sick. I love you, green tea. Also, this house is out of paper towels and toilet paper, and the trash needs to be taken out.


kiwi said...

Who the hell are all these people? Is this blog trolling?

I'm sorry you're sick. I don't get why your car has to be impounded for so long. The only times I've had to deal with stuff like that they want you to come get it immediately, and they'll charge you money for every second your vehicle is in their presence. How did you ever get away from the site of the accident if they took your car?

I love you. You shall not lose your car. Feel better.

And isn't cooking for someone else while you're sick kind of a bad idea?

Autumn Storm said...

I'm seeing these anonymous advertisers on more and more blogs - just ignore them.
Throw out the food - you are already ill!
Couldn't you have asked TheBoy to take out the trash and pop to the local for some tissue? You did cook company food for him whilst sick! ;o)
Feel better!

Aarwenn said...

In more weird news, y'all's comments never show up in my email; I have to check my blog to see who's commented. This is not the American Way!

I'm going to go through and delete all these advertisers; it just occured to me that I could. And the broth has been sitting there for days and days; it's going out, but I kept the lamb. Although if I'm really honest with myself, I'll eventually dump the lamb too. That's the thing about cooking a romantic dinner for your boyfriend; it's not conducive to slicing up leftovers and popping them in tupperware. :)

And yes, they want me to get my car, but I'm not sure it's drivable. That's the thing. Insurance should take care of it today.

ramblin' girl said...

feel better soon!