Thursday, September 01, 2005

I made friends today!


And they're not even interns! They're not leaving! Or already gone! (And if they were, it would be very hard to befriend them anyway.)

They're real, full-time workers, and they work HERE at MY SITE, and even better they work in MY BUILDING! And they were excited about meeting me! And they're cool! WOO!

And better yet, we've decided to schedule weekly lunches. So we're all hanging out every Wednesday, at 11:30, every week. Rock on. I'm really, really hyped up--meeting new people, especially other hyper engineers who speak my language, is exciting, and we all fed off each other until we were literally shouting over each other in the cafeteria.

And for anyone local, yes, I will probably be crossing picket lines to go to work tomorrow. Things are awfully tense around here. And yes, gas is about to skyrocket and New Orleans is hell on earth. What else is there to do but shout and laugh?

And also donate to the Red Cross, of course, which I did. And then I'll donate again tomorrow when B-----'s Community Fund swings into action and starts to match our donations. There are some perks to working at a big company. And then there's the blodd drive a week from today. And y'all better know I'm donating to THAT.


Aarwenn said...

There was just a spammer on here, which was annoying, but what was amazing is that he (it) referenced Light Rail. I'm not sure what that means--the spam made some mention of conservative blogs, so I'm not sure if the spammer is trying to pander to conservative blogs by trash-talking public transportation, or what. But it was interesting. I deleted his ass.

tabitha jane said...

good job on the deletion (is that a real word?).
i think i know where you work by the way . . .
anyway, that's great that you met some new people! it sucks to work somewhere where you know NO ONE like you.
rock on.

Shananigans said...

Comment spammers are the worst. You can get some protection against those by requiring word verification to post a comment.
Congrats on the new friends at work! Knowing some co-workers you like and get along with makes going to work that much more bearable. Good for you, giving to the Red Cross! And your company for matching. I used to donate blood regularly but the last time I went they had added a new rule and I can no longer donate because I lived in Finland in ’96-’97. Something about Mad Cow Disease. The really stupid thing is I had donated many times after I returned to the states before they imposed the new rule. Love you Red Cross, but WTF?

dewey said...

Work friends! Woo-hoo! Of course, I always end up being better friends with work friends when they're no longer work friends. Good think I change jobs every couple of years.

Speaking of, it's been two years now... Naaahhh, I'll stick with this one for a little longer.

Sherri said...

You're lucky. I've only been at my new job two weeks and I still have to eat my lunch alone. boo hoo....poor me! :(

Aarwenn said...

Sherri, I've been working at this job for EIGHT MONTHS. And I'm just now making friends. You still have seven months to go, and you'll still be way ahead of me.

Aarwenn said...

Well, they didn't discover Mad Cow Disease for quite some time, but I understand your frustration--you're healthy and willing! WTF?

What bugs me is the every-eight-weeks routine. I could donate every month--my blood supply replaces itself fast enough because I'm young and healthy--so why can't I?

kiwi said...

How does donating blodd work? I wasn't aware there was a shortage of it. :D

Now that I have a new job, I will be donating as soon as I can. I suspect the wreckage and torment won't be going anywhere for a while.

I'm very happy for you. So have you hooked up with a GROUP of friends, or did you make a couple separately and you're all gonna hang out, or what?

kt said...

yay for work friends!

i donated $ today, but can't donate blood. well, techincally i CAN, but it would be a huge ordeal because i have the deepest, skinniest, most dehydrated veins out there. i have to have blood drawn ~every 2 months and it usually takes at least 3 pokes and some sort of heating process.