Monday, September 12, 2005

In which everything is illuminated, and I prove I like lists.

I have so many things to write about and I'm not sure where to begin.

The really long comment on SheWalks' blog about my breasts?

  • The long conversation I had with a conservative, right-wing engineer from Iowa? About politics and gay rights?

  • The long conversations I keep having with women engineers, ABOUT women engineers? The fact that I hate SWE? (Society of Women Engineers)?

  • How I found a young sub-set of SWE that's awesome and that we're going to run--literally, run, with no help--a shadowing program?

  • How overjoyed I was to find girls like me--locally!--that I cried on the way home and then talked nonstop at TheBoy until he told me he'd just see me later? (He hates to talk on the phone. But more on that later.)

  • The long conversations I have had, ad nasueaum, with everyone around me, about the strike, and if OUR union is going to strike, and if we do what'll happen, and whether IAM is right or wrong, and the role that health care plays in everything, and Holy Shit, did you hear about Katrina? How health care costs are dragging down the country, and really, involved in everything?

    Or maybe I should skip all that and talk about the trouble I got into this weekend, which involved:

  • live music from a blind musician,

  • serious drunkenness at a bar

  • a small miscommunication between TheBoy and I which turned out okay but is another chip in the crumbling foundation

  • a shotgun wedding in which the bride, six months pregnant and practically bursting her cheap torquoise satin gown, cried all the way through the ceremony and the reception was at a casino. (How do I know people like this? The groom was one of TheBoy's friends.)

  • And since all those things just get us up to Saturday afternoon, also the weekend included:

  • long walk with t-town girl, probably one of the highlights of my weekend,

  • retail therapy

  • looking totally hot and going out with a bunch of B----- kids and their friends to Pioneer Square, starting at Howl at the Moon

  • slicing my hand open on the top of a chipped beer bottle much later while dancing with an adorable MS code monkey at Tiki Bob's

  • bleeding like crazy because with all the alcohol I had been drinking, I wasn't clotting--fortunately it's just Aarwenn luck that one of the people I was partying with was a medical professional

  • getting the card of the adorable MS code monkey, who felt terrible and bought me a shot

  • making another guy (also not TheBoy) mad because I danced with that nice MS code monkey, although of course he couldn't say anything

  • me sweet-talking that mad boy into having afterhours at his place anyway

  • staying there (platonically!) but next time, it won't be

  • waking up late in a panic in mill creek after falling asleep at 4:30 am

  • rushing to church in straight from being out all night, smelling of smoke and alcohol and in tight-ass jeans and five-inch stilletos

  • running out of the worst church service ever--I thought about calling my choir director to quit

  • running home to stare at the wall for a second and recharge, but having no time for a shower--remember, still in club clothes from the night before, I just changed my shoes

  • running out to buy a baby shower gift and dropping it off at the baby shower, also filled with church women, and me still in my cat's eye makeup

  • running to Federal Way to tutor

  • running home

  • sitting on my ass for all of three hours

  • going out to shoot pool with hot ex

  • learning that the man that TheBoy thinks is his best friend has still not forgiven him for shit TheBoy pulled on him last summer, and is NOT his best friend under any circumstances

  • not exercising self control

  • going to sleep at eleven.

    And then this morning I convinced everyone in my van pool to become criminals with me. Next post.


    kt said...

    ooh, i hate SWE too! well at least i hated the chapter at my school. what a bunch of dorks. and they didn't like me and my friends.. because we just came to the meetings for free food.. and then hijacked the van in tulsa, ok when we went to a convention one time. it was way fun but we got yelled at for ditching the "how to dress for an interview" session. sigh.

    Aarwenn said...

    That's because card-carrying members of SWE are the kind of women who have mustaches. And have no idea how to dress for an interview. And you're right, it's not that I hate all SWE members--I actually enjoyed my school's chapter, for example--it just varies so much from chapter to chapter. And I think professional chapters have a totally different cast than school chapters. Is there a professional chapter at your work?

    Shananigans said...

    Booze, boys, bodily injury and a baby shower. Sounds like you had a full weekend.

    kiwi said...

    *ahem* I appear to be the only person questioning what 'exhibiting no self control' means. I have several guesses. Maybe I'm just so ignorant as to not know immediately what it's shorthand for. In the mean time, my imagination is running wild...

    kt said...

    nope, we don't have a SWE chapter at work.. our company is WAY too small.