Monday, July 25, 2005

Argh, argh, argh

It's awful how much I'm focused on my own weight, now that I'm trying to change it. A sample of my mental dialogue this morning:

I got to see my niece this weekend! That was great!

I've gained two pounds.

I got to read Harry Potter! That was great!

But I've gained two pounds.

I got to watch movies with my boyfriend and drink wine and go to a "couples" barbeque!

And thanks to that, I've GAINED TWO POUNDS.

Man, I'm hungry!


See what I mean? Not healthy. Margaret Cho said it best: "When you diet, the first thing you lose is brain mass." Although she, too, is much skinnier than she used to be. Traitor.

Coffee always helps. Get your free sample of Doubleshot here! Many, many thanks to The World Against Me for making my day.


ramblin' girl said...

of course the evil empire gives away free stuff... then you get hooked... before you know it you're giving little kids $5 to go buy you a doubleshot since the convenience store clerk has cut you off... oh, nevermind...
enjoy your free drink!

Leah said...

Hey but you saw all that Margaret went through for YEARS of not eating right and messing her body up completly. Maybe do a belly dancing class like she does!

Two pounds is nothing and you will lose it all over again and more - just keep at it! said the fat girl :o)

dewey said...

Sunshine, you have GOT to throw out your scale. A little fluctuating here and there is totally normal. My weight can change by 5 lbs in a single day! Keep at it, and weigh yourself less often. It's less disheartening that way when life gets in the way.

Aarwenn said...

I love it when you call me Sunshine. :)

Also, leah, I've been meaning to tell you what a flattering picture that new one is. I like it! And yes, mother, I'll still weigh myself every day, but I promise to stop obsessing. Promise.