Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Join Me in Asking President Bush to Fire Karl Rove

This is really important. For all of you who haven't heard about the Karl Rove scandal, you can certainly google it, but the jist is that Karl Rove allegedly leaked the identity of a covert CIA operative to a reporter to pay that operative's agent back for daring to oppose the war. Karl Rove must be stopped. Ask the President to do the right thing.

On another note entirely, the luncheon went fine and I got really good free food, and they made us wait for an hour so by the time I got there I had two kinds of rice AND a roll AND a huge berry tart, all to myself. What? I've lost eight pounds? No longer...

...but on the other hand, I walked for an hour last night--AFTER kickboxing--(see last post) and am walking quite a bit tonight, AFTER hip-hop class. As long as I don't regress, I'll be fine. This losing-weight busines is some tough shit! On a side note, it's really weird to see the numbers drop on my scale--I've never tried to lose weight before, ever, in my entire life. Weird, I tell you.


Leah said...

I hate rove but you know bush isn't going to do anything. I question our country at times..

Good job on the weight loss!!

Aarwenn said...

Thank you! And after I posted this, I did a little more reading and now I don't know WHAT I think about the whole thing. Bleah. Apologies to Sherri (aka the only Republican blogger I personally, (virutally) know) for the brief detour into politics.