Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I have nothing original to say.

So instead, I'm blatantly using my talented friends. As may be obvious to some of you more perceptive readers, T-town girl and Tacompton Tiffany and myself also carry on a constant email correspondence daily at work, in ADDITION to posting on our blogs, and occasionally working. Disclaimer: Tacompton Tiffany actually works. Which is why she doesn't post very often. Or write us back.

So instead, I present to you: T-town Girl's Rules for:

How to save your diet from your boyfriend.

1. Make dinner at home more often. That way you have control over what goes into it.
2. When you do eat out, go vegetarian. Meat is just concentrated calories.
3. So is alcohol, have water.
4. Avoid dairy. No Alfredo sauce and no 3 cheese anything.
5. Garlic, ginger, marinara, and sushi (of the non tempura variety) are your best friends.
6. Lay off the condiments and add-ons.
7. Eat only 1/2 of what you order and have the other 1/2 for dinner the next day or for lunch for 2 days.
8. Stop eating complementary appetizers (chips, bread, etc.) and don't order an appetizer.
9. You may not have desert.
10. MOST IMPORTANT: if you eat out alot, it is no longer a special occasion. You may not indulge.

I asked her for her wisdom in this matter because now that I'm dating again, a regular date involves food, and...right.

Also, I am going to scream. My manager is an idiot and I hate the entire aerospace industry. Also, I hate old people, and people who go on vacation HUNTING, of all things, while deadlines go flying by. I don't understand people who can't turn on a dime, I don't understand bureaucracy, and I don't understand old people who need things explained to them three times over, and most of all, I don't understand old white men acting like teenagers, in that the more I call them, the less they want to call me back. I wouldn't accept that behavior from the kids I tutor.

Also, I have already eaten 846 calories. By 10:30. It's not even lunch time. I have 153 calories left for my entire lunch. Yes, I know I have better things to do than count calories.

In addition, my manager, who sits behind me, enjoys using his speakerphone, even though we're in cubicles. And we can hear every word of his conversation. And his every mis-dial, too. It's lovely that I have a manager who cannot, consistently, remember how to dial a long distance number from his phone. (Hint: you have to press '8' instead of '9'.) He's only worked at B----- for 40 years.


Shananigans said...

Those were some mightily helpful tips. Except fort he avoid alcohol thing, cause really, who’s gonna do that? (ok, well maybe some people, but not me.) I lasted about two weeks on the calorie counting thing. It got so obnoxious. Who can spend time counting, measuring, and recording every single thing? I wish there was some automatic counter that you could just install somewhere on your body that would give you an automatic readout. Now that’s an idea.

Steph said...

Hey I've been reading (maybe "stalking") your blog for a while now and must your job is mine to a 'T' what is it with the Tech industry!

ramblin' girl said...

I like shananigans idea... would make things so much easier.

kt said...

i have thought about that too shananigans!

Aarwenn said...

yo, everybody must go to fitday.com. They make it so, so easy to count calories, it's ridiculous. And as an added bonus, it's an excellent way to procrastinate at work. Not that I ever do that.

Shananigans said...

Ummm...I was talking about fitday.com with the two weeks thing. Still too much work for me. Me and calorie counting just weren't meant to be *shrug*. I do still track my workout activity with my gym fitlinxx account, but that’s because the machines automatically do that for you, and you only have to enter things that are not machine related manually. Much, much easier. And I can win free T-shirts with my points.

Leah said...

There is a counter Shannon - it's called your assssss, mine grows all the time, it's awesome.

I wish people didn't deserve to get punched in the throat Aarwenn - but apparently it's unavoidable.

Aarwenn said...

hey, free t-shirts! That's always a plus. :)

GlitterGlamGirl05 said...

I'm keeping this list!

Aarwenn said...

it's important. :)