Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Playa is BACK.

I swore, if I talked to Chicago Aerospace Engineer (the guy who produced The Crazy in me yesterday) again, I'd make him pay.

And I did. Through the nose. After some bright and girly chattering on my part about flowers and boys and such (hey, he ASKED about them), he told me he felt cheap and used, and hoped for more between us but knew it wouldn't happen because he could never date me because, verbatim, "I'm selfish and hate the fact that you date like three guys at once."

Therefore, I told him that ExTheBoy had asked me out even after watching me tear through Tacoma like a succubus on speed, but that he (TheExBoy) was "special". And no hard feelings, and incidentally, there's this party coming up, you should come! Bright smile. He said, all melancholy, "Oh, yes, I'll be there. You know I will be. Sigh."



Leah said...

Exactly!! You win, I am glad it worked out for you because The Crazy can have some gnarly consequences, but in your case you used it for the good of womankind.

Aarwenn said...

Thank you, darlin'!

Anonymous said...

*Bursts Out Laughing* *clap, clap, clap* Go Aarwenn! Watch out Tacoma, she's baaaaaaack!


kiwi said...

really? Maybe I don't get it, but it doesn't fuckin' sound like you put him in his place nearly as much as you could or should have. This is the MARRIED guy isn't it?

Aarwenn said...

No! Kiwi, what DO you think of me???

Don't answer that.

No, Married Aerospace Engineer is someone entirely different from Chicago Aerospace Engineer. (I was going to call him Midwest Aerospace Engineer, but then they'd have the same initials.)

I haven't talked to MAE for almost a month. I talk to CAE every day. CAE is who I tried to date.

I've never tried to date a married person! Geez!

kiwi said...

No, I know, but I thoguth the last guy you called on being a dick was the guy who didn't wear his ring, etc. My bad. I know that is against your principles, that's why the lovely story made NO sense to me at all.

Aarwenn said...

Ah, kiwi, your belief in the goodness of man is touching.

There are tons of a**hole pr*cks at B-----. Don't ever assume that I'm talking about the same one. They fill my vision every day.

GlitterGlamGirl05 said...

The crazy sucks ass! I've had my moments this week and am finally back to blog reading. Yahoo!